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Service Plans

Poseidon Aquariums offers three service plans. Depending on your needs we will service your aquarium once a month, twice a month or every week.

During that visit we will:

  • Check: water parameters, fish health, equipment, temperature
  • Clean: gravel, filtration system, inside & outside glass and wipe down cabinetry
  • Change: % of the aquarium water, treated and adjusted to your unique environment
  • Replace: filtration media, decorative plants, rocks, driftwood etc., refill feeders as needed
  • Provide: fish foods, supplies and whatever is required
Service Plans

Economy Plan: One aquarium service per month. Can be used on most freshwater displays. Customer involvement is necessary. Water levels need to be checked and adjusted as needed and algae may need to be removed with a magnet, which would be provided.

Mid level Plan: Two aquarium services per month. This the recommended plan for most aquariums. Marine aquariums, Live Plants and large, messy or difficult species to keep require this plan. Under normal conditions no customer interaction with aquarium is required.

Deluxe Plan: Weekly aquarium service. This plan is a must for Reef Aquariums and sophisticated Freshwater displays. In some circumstances customer involvement is still necessary. But in most cases there is no involvement on your part.

* Aquarium Maintenance Plans are billed each month but have a term that runs for one year. Maintenance plans can be terminated at anytime with a 30 day notice.