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The Rift Valley Habitat Package

The Rift Valley aquarium is based on the fish of Lake Malawi in East Africa. The fish we select are very active with striking colors that make them a perfect showpiece for any area.

These fish grow large and are aggressive. A minimum size tank of 75 gallons is required (125 is ideal) in order to successfully keep a group of these fish together.

The Rift Valley package is setup with rocks such as slate or fieldstone. No plants or wood are used in these tanks as we try to duplicate the natural habitat as much as possible.

The price listed below is a complete package which includes the fish, rocks, gravel, heaters, lighting, feeders and filtration.

* The price for the Rift Valley package is in addition to the cost of the aquarium, stand and canopy that you choose.


no Plants, just Rocks

75-90 Gallon


125 Gallon


150-185 Gallon


All prices are approximate, do not include 6.25% MA sales tax
and are subject to change. Contact us for an exact quote.