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How to Sart

You're considering an aquarium but haven't a clue as to what you want?
We'll guide you through the steps and help you make the right decision to find the aquarium of your dreams.

1. Glass or Acryllic?
Acryllic might be the best choice at first glance. But it scratches very easily. If you decide for acryllic you need to be aware that removing algea from the tank is a delicate undertaking.

  Acrylic Aquarium Facts
  • An acrylic aquarium is about half the weight of a glass aquarium. This makes it easier to ship, move, and install.
  • Acrylic fish tanks are several times stronger than glass aquariums. It will not shatter, crack, or leak like can.
  • Acrylic distorts much less and is clearer than glass.
  • Acrylic insulates better than glass, helping to control fluctuations in temperature.
  • Acrylic aquarium seams are stronger than glass aquarium seams. They are polished and nearly invisible.
  • Acrylic is easily refinished. It can be repaired with a variety of scratch removal kits. Even internal scratches can be repaired without removing the fish or water.
  • Custom aquarium designs are possible. Acrylic can be formed to create interesting shapes you won't find with glass aquariums.
  Glass Aquarium Facts
  • Glass is less expensive.
  • It is more scratch resistant.
  • It is easier to clean.
  • Glass is classy - nothing looks as good as beveled edged glass.
  • It is structurally stronger and less prone to warping or bending under pressure.

2. What Shape?
There is a variety of shapes and sizes available. It all depends on your preferences and architecture of the surrounding cabinetry.



Flat Back Hexagon

Half Cyclinder

Bow Front


Bull Nose

Cylinder Shape

Flat Back
Quarter Cylinder


Custom Shape


3. Cabinet Finish
Your aquarium should blend in with your cabinetry. We can offer you many different finishes to match the existing millwork.

Colonial Maple
Ivory Acrylic
Oak Jacobean Bowfront
Ebony Slate
Maple Ebony
Oak Cherry
Maple Clear Coat
Oak Jacobean Rectangle

4. Fresh or Salt Water?
Now it is time to start considering what to put in your aquarium. With well over 29,000 species of fish the possibilities are endless. Poseidon Aquariums, through years of experience, has narrowed down the list to only the best. For your convenience we put five packages together. You are free to choose one of those or talk with us about your favorite fish, plant or layout. We work directly with tropical fish importers and have access to just about any aquatic animals that are commercially available.

Fresh Water Aquariums
SerenityAmazon River in South
TranquilityCongo River in West Africa
Down Under Australia and Papua New Guinea
Rift Valley Lake Malawi and Tanganyika in East Africa

Salt Water Aquariums
PoseidonMarine aquarium with live rock, corals, invertebrates and compatible reef fish